Sisters At Summit.

November 3, 2015



We didn’t care. Not one little bit. There we were – 10 of us under the climbing leadership of our inimitable Courtney – on a two-week trek to the top of a mountain we had all sought out the opportunity to climb. We had applied for the privilege and had jumped through a couple of hoops for this, and once we got there, we didn’t care. Not one iota.

We didn’t care about each other’s past:  where we each had gone to school or grown up or what music or food we each prefer or what political affiliation we have or where we all come out on the ‘cat vs. dog vs. ferret vs. fish as pets’ discussion.

What we did care about on our journey, quite simply, was each other.

We cared about shoring each other up and shielding each other against the self-torturing lies – put there either by ourselves or by others and repeated and reinforced so often that they become like truth – that make us believe that we are not enough, that the fundamental gifts that God Almighty gave to each of us when He made us are simply not enough, that our God-given strengths are not enough to translate into success.

We cared about shepherding each other past roadblocks and “I’m not sure I can”s and “What if I can’t”s and getting each other to “You. can. do. this. and I … we … will be right. there. alongside you helping you climb when you believe you can’t or just feel weary from the climb.”

We laughed together and cried together and loved each other and supported each other.  We sent each other videos and messages and made phone calls and swam like salmon for each other:  upstream against a modern world current that drills into us “there is only one way, and you can’t cut it.”

We linked arms and said, “Oh, yes, you can, and God made you special, and He made you for a reason, and one of the reasons He made me was to be here to help you never forget that.”

And after those two weeks together on our hike to the summit – in the virtual world, though it may have been – I dare say those are the things we’ll always care about when we think about each other.

We will stand together shining light into the darkness.

We will stand together righting wrongs that come in the form of lies and self-doubt.

We will stand in prayer with and for each other.

We will shore each other up in setbacks and cheer each other on in victories.

We will be as sisters. Across the miles of five different states and years of experiences, we will stand as individuals and yet, in a beautiful way, as one.

When I applied for that leadership training course, it was because of my passion for Young Living essential oils and my desire to help so. many. others. – by which I mean everyone – benefit from these wonderful gifts from God to help body, mind, and spirit issues as they have transformed our family.  I thought I would learn about how to share them in a way that would most effectively grow my business as I seek out those who want to use the oils just to use them as well as those who want to build a business alongside me on my team.

What I received, though, was so. much. more. It was, in fact, ten new sisters in Christ. A community of believers who believe wholeheartedly in each other. A group of strong, determined, vulnerable, precious women who call each other friend and want the best for each other and work and pray to that end.

I only hope that I was as much to and for them as they have been these past weeks for me.  And I hope this same closeness for every single one of you. It is a gift straight from God.





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