Our Collective Wait Problem.

November 16, 2015


Paris.  Oh, Paris.  City of lights that has ached these days because of the darkness that has befallen it.

There’s Beirut from the day before that, and Turkey a month before that. And that’s not even saying anything of the unrest in our very own beloved country, from Mizzou to Ferguson to Washington, D.C.

Darkness comes in many shades, and sometimes it hits even closer than just what the news reports show:  a precious young mom I know just had to cut ties with her husband who decided that sharing intimacy with many, many women who didn’t care that he is married or that he’s a daddy was more important to him than sticking by his wife who has loved and prayed him through years of drug addiction, jail time, and alcoholism.  She had had reason to believe that all that was behind him, and the drugs and alcohol may well be; but now he’s playing out another addiction, another heart-wrenching darkness on his family.

Sometimes I really just want Daddy to come home.  And by ‘Daddy,’ I mean the Father who came in the form of the Son, the One who has promised us that He will come back to us on earth to make everything right.

Today would be good.  Of course, every day would be good.  And yet He waits.  And so, therefore, must we.

It’s a big issue for Christians, really.  We know there is something more, something better than what this world has to offer.  A place without sin. Without death. Without disease. Without discouragement. Without cruelty. Without evil.

But He has not yet returned, and we know that means that He has work for us to do.

We fight the waiting, of course, in every way we know how.  We know that God is God and we are not.  We might even acknowledge that ‘good things come to those who wait,’ and yet. we. still. don’t. want. to. wait … and we. still. don’t. wait. well.

It’s our collective wait problem, and it’s almost debilitating sometimes in our modern world of INSTANT.  We send a text and anticipate (if not full-on expect) an immediate reply.  We pray and think we’ll instantly have our answer, maybe not by the time we say ‘amen’ but surely by week’s end, thank You very much.

But God. doesn’t. operate. like. that.  He is not on our timetable; He is not there to please us.  It’s His world in which we live, not the other way around.

And when we’ve lasted through a season of waiting – not just a sitting-around-waiting but a seeking God in a ‘be still and know that I am God’ way – we see the truth:  not only do beauty and growth come so often in the waiting; but also there is God Himself.

And He is always, always worth the wait.





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