Once Upon A Time …

October 12, 2015



Once upon a time, there was a child.

She was tiny and would have seemed fragile were it not for the strength of her lungs and the power in her voice as she let out her newborn cries.

She was her parents’ first child.  A long-awaited gift, she grew to have Shirley Temple curls that were soft as a cloud and bright eyes that shined beautifully behind glasses that made her look like the smartest one in the room.

Her parents went on to have three more children whom they adored with all their hearts, but it was this little girl who made them parents, the one who set the family in motion.

From her earliest days, this beloved child – who lacked nothing in terms of affection and love – struggled for what most see as basics: the ability to eat, to sleep, to crawl, to walk, to talk.

What she couldn’t do, though, she made up for in her great ability just to be:  she loved her people, she laughed belly laughs, she had a favorite football team, she soaked up cool breezes and cold winds, and she was content to be with those who loved her to her core.

She did not live an easy life, this little girl, but she lived a full life. A remarkable life. An important life.

And then there came a day.  Her struggles had lasted long.  It was time for her to go Home.

The very One who called her home – who was once but a tiny babe Himself – healed her completely and forever on that day that He so clearly made for her – a cool spring day with a cool breeze and blue skies so clear that they seem to go on to infinity. He put a robin outside her window, a robin that sang her her going Home song.

For a while in the emptiness the little girl left behind, the laughter stopped or at least slowed quite a bit. And the pace of the days changed, some for the better and some for the heart-rending worse. And the singing stopped for a while, vocal chords frozen in time, unable to produce a sound for the present or the future.

Years passed, and the little girl’s mama’s voice returned.  She sang a couple of albums to the Babe who not only made that little girl but who also has now made her whole in His presence.

And now that mama has made an album to remember a life-changing birth:  not the birth of her little girl but of the One whose birth and life and death and resurrection make it possible to sing, possible to live out the psalmist’s words about joy coming in the morning. Mama knows that true Joy came more than two thousand years ago in a tiny manger in a forgotten corner of a cold part of the world. And no one who truly knows Him will ever be the same.

The little girl’s mama and daddy will always be the better for having held and loved and parented that little girl and for getting to hold and love and parent the other littles who followed her.  Surely more than just the little girl’s parents will be the better off for loving her.

But it’s the One who made her and who called her Home who has the ability to make the world better as He is the only true hope, true peace, true promise, true Savior we will ever have.

It is for Him that the little girl’s mama sang her third album.  And it is for all of us to hear and enjoy and join in singing to the Babe in the manger who became King of the world.

Godspeed … because this story has. no. end.


Itty Bitty Bucket


Three weeks from today, we will begin taking regular orders for my third album, entitled Joy To The World.  Up until then, pre-orders are still in effect.  Pre-orders are 20% off the regular price – $12 instead of $15 – and it is a joy and a blessing to think of this album being all over the country.  We don’t have our first international order yet … wonder where that will be from?! … and all our pre-orders are from two states … wonder how fast we’ll get to ten states and then to all fifty?

We’d be honored to be part of your Christmas celebrations (and gift giving?!) this year.


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Merry Christmas in October.




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