Great Northern Edamame Greatness

November 5, 2013

Clearly, edamame are one of the two greatest vegetables in all the world.  Can there be any disputing that?  There are some amazing vegetables out there, but edamame are pretty stellar stand-outs.  Yes, broccoli is awesome, and carrots can be really good.  Onions, despite what Brian thinks of them (hint: underbelly of a warthog), bring remarkable flavor to everything, and green beans are absolute rockstars because any vegetable that can be taste just as good wrapped in bacon as with sesame seeds and balsamic vinaigrette should get some sort of lifetime achievement award. So edamame might have to be top five,...

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Black Bean & Edamame Salsa Chunk

October 2, 2013

We have a large family.  As in a large family.  As in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding kind of large.  The last time that a small number of us – only 13 – gathered to celebrate 3 birthdays at my folks’ house, Momma wasn't going to let me bring anything because one of the birthdays we were celebrating was mine.  It took a while, but I talked her into letting me bring something.  She said I could bring an appetizer. What to take?  Ah, edamame, my beloved edamame, the single greatest plant-based source of protein in the world.  Always good to...

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Zucchini Ribbons

October 1, 2013

Summer, summer, summer.  Love it, love it, love it.  The trips, the time in the pool, the littles laughing, the adventures, the imaginative play, the fireworks, the festivals.  And the food.  Oh, yes, the food.  Fresh fruits and vegetables from every color under the rainbow somehow make every dinner plate look like something that should be on the cover of a magazine. OK, OK.  I exaggerate, which you know fully if you’ve seen the way my food looks when I serve it. But the colors and the freshness of the fruits and vegetables help me imagine that my food looks like something Stephan Pyles...

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Mad’s Made-up Chicken Delicioso

September 26, 2013

Every recipe worth posting is worth a name. So let me dissect this recipe's name for you, although I suspect you're smart enough to figure it out. First off, it's "Mad's" because it's mine. Never really liked the nickname Maddie. Other nicknames fit so much better: Mad-Pad (courtesy of my aunts and uncles), Mad-a-lin-ski (brothers), Mad-Lady (some high school friends), Madness (a friend in college on the best-ever summer abroad in France), and MadDog (a sorority sister), which was great until I learned what all my sorority sisters already knew, which is that MadDog is really, really cheap wine that comes...

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