Footloose. Yes, Footloose.

November 2, 2015



It’s only a dream, but it’s oh so vivid.  I’m in a warehouse absolutely tearing up the makeshift dance floor, working out any angst I might be feeling with some wicked fancy footwork and getting a great workout to boot, all while enjoying flawless hair, makeup, and muscle tone, all of which confirms that Dreams Are Where To Hang Out.

I suppose I should be alarmed that I’ve never once had that dream while sleeping but instead it comes every. single. time. I hear the song “Never” by some band called Motion Pictures that no one has ever heard of, including the mamas of the guys in the band. But I promise you you know the song if you have partaken of the greatness that is Footloose, which of course you have unless you were abducted by alien life forms 35 years ago, which you weren’t, and so just stop pretending.

(And just in case any of my precious younger readers are misguided enough to think that I mean the remake of Footloose, then please just take a deep breath and be serious. Any version that does not include Kevin Bacon playing Ren McCormack is not worth seeing. Let’s be real.)


At any rate, the song “Never” that you know but don’t know that you know is the one that is playing during the dancing-in-the-warehouse scene in Footloose when Kevin Bacon just really needs to blow (dance?) off some steam. And I’ve realized over the years that the only thing missing in that scene, according to my vivid (day)dream, is me.  OK. No one else needs to see me added into that scene, and I’m so good with that bc that movie came out when I was, well, way younger than I am now and way more limited in my gettin’-my-groove-on moves that just ooze out of my pores now.  (You think I’m kidding.) (I am.) (Sort of.) And really, Kevin Bacon and his stunt / dance / gymnast double do a pretty good job, I must say, with handling that scene without me.  Very brave of them. Very brave.

But I was listening to that song earlier – and, as if to make my heart-but-not-body-of-a-superstar-dancer soul come close to exploding, the next one that came up in my playlist was Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” from the same amazing soundtrack – and I started having flashbacks to that spectacular movie and realized that, really, most of what we need to know for our day-to-day lives is right there either in the movie or on the soundtrack.

Need to take a break from the seriousness of life? Kenny Loggins knows what’s up and how you really ‘just gotta cut loose, Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes.’ Because so, so much in this world can be solved by dancing.  Even the Rev. Shaw Moore had to come to terms with that.

Need to know how best to pour into your man? Take a cue from Deniece Williams and “Let’s Hear It For The Boy!”  Everyone wants to be celebrated.  You go, girl.

Tired of false bravado masking around as real toughness?  Bonnie Tyler will remind you just why you’re “Holding Out For a Hero.”  (Just maybe skip the chicken tractor bit.)

Need help establishing boundaries in your life – either with weight or substance struggles or with others who seem to delight in bringing. you. down?  Once again it’s Kenny Loggins for the win on that one as you envision what it will feel like to say “I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man).”

Wondering how best to let your children develop their character? Listen to the Reverend Shaw Moore’s sermon near the end of the film when he realizes that in order for our kids to become trustworthy, we must – wait for it – trust them. (And give them chances to fail and not rush in and helicopter-parent them and dear Father in heaven not thrust screens in their faces all the time, which just keeps them disengaged, uninvolved in life, not experiencing the ups and downs of life (or actual human interaction) from which they can actually learn something useful, like maybe their purpose on earth, etc., etc., etc., but that’s for another day.)

So much to learn from one great film and one great soundtrack.  My beloved Brian is the only person I know who didn’t love Footloose, but don’t hold it against him. There had to be one thing about him that proved that he isn’t perfect. Better that than, say, an unhealthy predilection for cheese puffs and scotch. (Let’s Hear It For the Boy!)





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