Enough With The ‘Enough.’

October 26, 2015



Today, I have decided enough with the ‘enough.’

Enough with the wondering:  “Am I enough?”

Not sure we usually ask it that way.  Pretty sure it usually comes out more like this:  “Am I {pretty / handsome / smart /funny / successful / debonair / young-looking / generally fabulous} enough?”

The answer is no.  The answer is also yes. (Yes, I meant what I just typed.)

Usually we ask the ‘am I enough?’ question because it actually does plague our hearts and minds.  It’s not a casual question that comes up in conversations in elevators and taxi cabs and philanthropic cocktail parties.

It’s the question that gets asked for myriad legitimate (and some illegitimate) reasons in the back corners of our souls as we replay tapes in our heads, tapes either we put there ourselves and have on repeat or tapes others put there who then locked down the Play Forever And Always No Matter What Happens To The Contrary button.

The truth is that the answer is no.  We are never going to be all those ‘enoughs’ to satisfy what the darkest within us would have us believe, and we’ll certainly never measure up – not permanently, anyway – to what the world believes about all those ‘enoughs.’

Where the yes to that answer comes in is here:  you will always be enough in God’s mind – not because of who you are but because. of. who. He. is.  You will be enough because The God Of The Entire Universe decided you should exist – in His world, in His image – and so He gave you life … and He continues to give you life every day that you are alive to read something like this.

And then one day, maybe even a day just like today, we realize that even though we mess up and have ‘am I enough?’ tapes playing in our heads …

even though we sometimes talk the way we shouldn’t …

and act the way we shouldn’t …

and live the way we shouldn’t …

and treat others the way we shouldn’t …

there just might be a better question.  If we’re going to ask if we are enough of something, maybe we should ask if we’re enough like Jesus in our:  patience … kindness … goodness … devotion to the individuals (and not merely crowds) in our midst … constant connection to God the Father through prayer … treatment of others … selflessness.

The answer to that sort of ‘am I enough?’ question is always going to be ‘no.’  There is only one Jesus. But what if we focused on being enough like Jesus that people could actually see Him in the way we act? in the way we talk? in the way we treat total strangers? in the way we treat those we love? in the way we spend our lives? in the way we give of ourselves?  Not so that we can earn our way into His grace or favor or into salvation but just because we finally realized the right ‘enough’ question to ask.

So yes, you are enough. If you are asking about the right kind.  (Otherwise, enough with the ‘enough.’)

Time to go use the be-more-like-Jesus ‘enough’ in service to our King.





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