Dear Krista …

October 13, 2015



Dear Krista,

Twenty years? Really? Twenty years since we graduated from college? But – and I’m no math expert, but I’ve been working on upping my game – that means that we met t.w.e.n.t.y.-f.o.u.r. years ago.  How? Aren’t we only 27? Did we really meet in pre-school and this time lapse thing is all just an extended-play dream?

All that time that’s passed means that we’ve known each other way longer than we haven’t. Surreal.

I was thinking about how I’ll get to see you … and Emily … and Laura … and Kim … and Cindy … and Kristi … and T.O. … and Helen … and Susanne … and soooooo many more of our sisters and other friends in ten short days as we cram memories of all those years and catch up on all the in-betweens in the 48 hours that will pass too fast.

You and I were friends in college, sorority sisters.  We shared experiences and always got along, but it wasn’t as if we were bosom buddies.  I always liked you, and my memories of our years together are good ones.  But you had your closest friends in our house, and I had mine.

Thinking of all that, I realized how there are a few things I don’t know but a few more that I do after all these years.

Here’s what I *don’t* know.

I don’t remember what your major was.

I don’t have any idea how you got from your home state of NJ to your new home of Chicago.

I don’t know how you and your husband met, and because we’d lost touch for so many years, I don’t know any of the details of your sons’ birth or how they like school or where y’all like to vacation as a family.

I don’t know about your first job out of college or what your favorite music is these days.

I don’t know if your accent is as thick as it once was or if you still have that awesome laugh.

But here’s what I do know.

I know that my heart ached when your dad died not only because I hated that for you but also because I wished in that moment that we lived across the street so that I could give you a hug and a shoulder to cry on and a friend to pray with and maybe make you laugh just a little.  Possibly from looking at pictures of our hair ‘styles’ in college.  God help us.

I know that you support causes and people that I find odious, and I’m positive I support causes and people that you find odious … and yet I don’t find you odious at all, and I don’t think you find me so.  We’re fairly opposite politically, and yet I can hardly wait to see you to hug you around the neck because I love you and would give you my kidney if you needed it because you matter more than political ideologies.

I know that you are opinionated and strong-willed, which I think might support the argument that we are blood sisters rather than just sorority ones.

I know that you are a loving wife and a good mother.

I know that we’re both patriots and that we both want a great future in this country for our children and grandchildren – even though we have different ideas of how to make that happen.

I know that I will always want the best for you.

I know that I love that our friendship – even if it only plays out these days online – is a beautiful witness to the truth that Jesus lived.  He came to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.  He didn’t divide people into camps.  (People might point to what He said to and about the Pharisees, but He witnessed to them, too; and look at His love and care for Nicademus.)  He didn’t pick favorites or least favorites based on who was most like Him or who was most likely to like Him.  He sought out individuals and valued them because of Whose He knew them to be and because of what He could see was in their hearts.

And even through the lens of the online world, I can see your heart. How you love your people (husband, kids, friends, and broader than that). How you stand up for what you believe in. How you empathize. How you support. How you worship.

There are just some things that transcend time and political affiliation, and our friendship, Krista, is one of them.  And I am so. very. grateful. for that.  Praise be to God for introducing us all those years ago.

See you in ten days, sister.  And here’s hoping our hair looks better than it did in 1995.





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