Second Date

September 22, 2014

"He what?!" The DJs sounded more than a little surprised as they talked to a young woman on air.  It was time once again for their segment called 'Second Date Update' during which they help figure out why a second date hasn't happened when one of the two folks who went on a date wants another date and the other just doesn't. The segments are absolutely fantastic; you can't make this stuff up.  The radio guys will find out from the one who wants the second date everything about the other person that makes that person so fabulous, and they'll find out about the...

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The 4H Club, Part One: Minor with a Major Twist

September 19, 2014

It's easy to lose sight of him and his message.  His book is only three chapters long, after all.  But like all good short story writers, he dives right into the heart of the matter, packing  much in a small space and leaving his readers to realize that his book might have been small but his message is big. You'll find his book somewhere east of Proverbs but west of Matthew, sandwiched in between the minor prophets Nahum and Zephaniah in the part of the Old Testament that might be called Male Names You Would Never Name Your Son (Except for...

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The Voice of the Martyrs

September 18, 2014

She keeps her Bible, which she has dismantled into sections, tucked under the floorboards under her bed. Her heart beating wildly, she looks around once, twice, three times to make sure no one else is there before she sneaks out the only comfort she's found in the midst of her poverty, her isolation, her fears.  A friend from one village over had given her the Bible two weeks before, saying only, "Read this book.  There is nothing like it anywhere.  You are loved.  But keep this to yourself." The One she met in that book is not like the gods her family...

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A Rash Thought

September 16, 2014

Some things go the way you plan for them to go, and some land you back in the pediatrician’s office for the fourth time in the past two months, which, when paired with the three ER visits in the same time, is a new World Record for the Robison. If we keep up this pace, we’ll end up with Pediatric Groupie badges. The littles stayed home from school yesterday while Brent recovered from his Sunday afternoon health scare and the others rested so that I could keep an eye on them.  This morning, Mariana and Blake seemed fine enough to go...

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And Yet They Came.

September 11, 2014

One blue sky morning, there it was. The smoke. The flames. The ashes. The chaos. The panic. The carnage. The bodies. The disbelief. The confusion. The screams. The cries. The lives lost. The lives found. The running away. The smells. The sounds. The silence. And yet they came. The uniforms. The plain clothes. The running toward. The searching. The finding. The animals. The giving. The climbing. The living. The dying. Among the rescuers were ...

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Crazy Dreams

September 10, 2014

My dreams are so bizarre that if they were ever analyzed, there's a good chance I'd be institutionalized or at least I'd get requests to have my brain donated posthumously to medical science. I don't know where they come from or how my labyrinthine brain strings together people and places not only from times gone by and from present-day but also people and places that I've never seen before.  And yet in my dreams they are real and important and holy cow why did she show up in that castle-turned-cruise ship with the elephant on the lido deck who's being trained...

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The Wall of Enough

September 9, 2014

  My dear, precious children – As you get older and your place in the world grows bigger – and right along with that so do your responsibilities and your opportunities – I am taking this moment to tell you a few things I want you to carry with you for the decade-plus you will still live at home. I love you unconditionally. You simply cannot do anything that makes me love you more or less than I love you. My love for you is not based on whims or how you look or how good your grades are or how well you...

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Do It Anyway

September 8, 2014

She didn’t want to go to school, and in truth I couldn’t really blame her. When she was five years old, after months and months of trying to figure out the cause behind a massive skin rash she had and why she became irritable after she ate certain foods, we figured out that Mariana was allergic to dairy. ALL dairy. Cow’s milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, clotted cream (I guarantee you that Brian just read that and wondered what in the world clotted cream is), whipped cream … and anything that has any of those as an ingredient. Her...

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