Christmas 2015.

January 6, 2016

Magic. Memories. Hope. Laughter. Food. Drink. Games. Traditions. Children. Adults. Music. And above all, before all, during all, after all, everything was and is about the birth of the Savior of the world, the only reason for Christmas, the One who made Christmas not merely a day but one of the two greatest acts of love the world has ever known. As we look forward into 2016, I can't help but one little peak back at glimpses of a couple of my favorite days of 2015:  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  These are just snapshots, just a small sampling of those days,...

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2016 … A Word and More.

January 5, 2016

So it turns out that the main thing that separates us from the cave man - either of the true anthropological variety or of the GEICO commercial variety - and let's face it, those commercials were the bomb - is language.  Words.  Oral communication.  Otherwise, I'm not sure how much we've evolved. Cave man needed food, shelter, and water to survive. Modern man needs food, shelter, and water to survive. Cave man sought to provide for his family. Modern man seeks to provide for his family. Cave man needed fire and some kind of animal skin (a.k.a. prehistoric fashion) to stay warm. Modern...

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Not Shaken … Not Today.

November 30, 2015

"We will not be shaken / We will not be silent / Sin is powerless / Our God is for us." Those lines have been on repeat in my heart and in my head all day today ever since I received some punch-in-the-stomach news early this morning about something happening to someone in my family who has had enough, who was on the verge of something great, who is precious to me, who just doesn't need one more blow. My first thought was:  this is the devil. It's the devil, and he's doing his level best to tear down not only our whole family...

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Our Collective Wait Problem.

November 16, 2015

Paris.  Oh, Paris.  City of lights that has ached these days because of the darkness that has befallen it. There's Beirut from the day before that, and Turkey a month before that. And that's not even saying anything of the unrest in our very own beloved country, from Mizzou to Ferguson to Washington, D.C. Darkness comes in many shades, and sometimes it hits even closer than just what the news reports show:  a precious young mom I know just had to cut ties with her husband who decided that sharing intimacy with many, many women who didn't care that he is married or...

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Sisters At Summit.

November 3, 2015

  We didn't care. Not one little bit. There we were - 10 of us under the climbing leadership of our inimitable Courtney - on a two-week trek to the top of a mountain we had all sought out the opportunity to climb. We had applied for the privilege and had jumped through a couple of hoops for this, and once we got there, we didn't care. Not one iota. We didn't care about each other's past:  where we each had gone to school or grown up or what music or food we each prefer or what political affiliation we have or where...

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Footloose. Yes, Footloose.

November 2, 2015

  It's only a dream, but it's oh so vivid.  I'm in a warehouse absolutely tearing up the makeshift dance floor, working out any angst I might be feeling with some wicked fancy footwork and getting a great workout to boot, all while enjoying flawless hair, makeup, and muscle tone, all of which confirms that Dreams Are Where To Hang Out. I suppose I should be alarmed that I've never once had that dream while sleeping but instead it comes every. single. time. I hear the song "Never" by some band called Motion Pictures that no one has ever heard of, including...

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Be the Better

October 27, 2015

After extensive field research done over the course of many years, I've discovered a very important scientific truth:  parenting is not for wusses. Neither is wife-ing / husband-ing. Neither is being a kid or an employee or an employer or a human being on this planet called earth doing this thing called life, which, according to The Artist Formerly and Again (I Believe) Currently Known As Prince and No Longer Merely An Unpronounceable Symbol, is 'electric' and 'means forever,' and I am inclined to agree with him on both counts. One of our littles has been exposed at a rather young age to...

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Enough With The ‘Enough.’

October 26, 2015

  Today, I have decided enough with the 'enough.' Enough with the wondering:  "Am I enough?" Not sure we usually ask it that way.  Pretty sure it usually comes out more like this:  "Am I {pretty / handsome / smart /funny / successful / debonair / young-looking / generally fabulous} enough?" The answer is no.  The answer is also yes. (Yes, I meant what I just typed.) Usually we ask the 'am I enough?' question because it actually does plague our hearts and minds.  It's not a casual question that comes up in conversations in elevators and taxi cabs and philanthropic cocktail parties. It's the question...

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Dear Krista …

October 13, 2015

  Dear Krista, Twenty years? Really? Twenty years since we graduated from college? But - and I'm no math expert, but I've been working on upping my game - that means that we met t.w.e.n.t.y.-f.o.u.r. years ago.  How? Aren't we only 27? Did we really meet in pre-school and this time lapse thing is all just an extended-play dream? All that time that's passed means that we've known each other way longer than we haven't. Surreal. I was thinking about how I'll get to see you ...

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Once Upon A Time …

October 12, 2015

  Once upon a time, there was a child. She was tiny and would have seemed fragile were it not for the strength of her lungs and the power in her voice as she let out her newborn cries. She was her parents' first child.  A long-awaited gift, she grew to have Shirley Temple curls that were soft as a cloud and bright eyes that shined beautifully behind glasses that made her look like the smartest one in the room. Her parents went on to have three more children whom they adored with all their hearts, but it was this little girl who made...

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