August and a Fresh Start.

August 1, 2016


Lovely peeps.  It’s August.  AUGUST!  Time to transition from the fun-filled easy days of summer to the reality of early mornings and school, practices and meetings, all while it’s still as hot outside as the surface of the sun and all you really want to do is jump in the pool to cool off.

But August is also the start of something, and it’s on my heart to make it the start of something BIG.  This world is in such need – always has been really, but this is the time and place into which we’ve been placed – of salt and light and trench friends and deep love and doing what makes Jesus famous, not what glorifies or edifies us alone.  It is time for us to pour out the water from our  i t t y  b i t t y  b u c k e t s  – water that might have become old or icky or otherwise not fit for consumption, certainly not purifying and healthy – and replace it with FRESH water. NEW water. Water that restores, cleanses, refreshes. Water that when it spills out of our own  i t t y  b i t t y  b u c k e t s  onto the others in our world – spouse, kids, parents, siblings, neighbors, friends – is restoring, cleansing, refreshing to them, too.  Water that comes from the Source, the Living Water.

I look back over the past couple of years, and I see so so many blessings. Truly I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. And that’s what I want to focus on. But if I’m looking past that and going deeper, I also see the residue that has come from being filled past capacity – and not in the good way – and from being stretched past thin. I see surviving but not thriving. I see too many goals set but not met, not because I lacked the drive but because I couldn’t get behind the wheel of the car that would actually take me there.  I see pushing through the weary and existing rather than feeling all lit up inside and thriving.



Have y’all been there? Have you felt that way? Part of it is season of life, part of it is life habits we get into, part of it is life just happening after we make all our plans.  Life happens, and somewhere along the way you realize that your drive and your purpose took a very serious backseat – or a real derailing – to the curves and the speed bumps and the roadblocks. Well, folks, it’s time we get all of it back. Not by looking backward but by starting fresh. By choosing what we allow into our  i t t y  b i t t y  b u c k e t s.  We can focus on going forward and yet know with a quick glance backward what our Achilles heels have been, and while we cannot prevent re-injury (so to speak) of every single one, we CAN choose much more about how we go forward than we ever dreamed.

This is our time. It’s time to answer the call the world is making for hope. And light. And life. And truth.  I might even say capital-T Truth.  The world is thirsty for it. And truly, aren’t you, too? I know I am.

Going forward from here with re-filled and refreshed  i t t y  b i t t y  b u c k e t s  will look different for each of us. But let us not look up and see that nothing has changed about how we are navigating this life and oh, all of a sudden it’s September 1. Or Thanksgiving. Or hello, 2017.  Let’s remember that today is a gift, yes. Every day is. But it’s also an opportunity. A challenge. A 24-hour period where we can humble ourselves before God and begin righting our ship for His glory. A time where we can remember that we were made for Him, and not Him for us. A time where we can begin anew because indeed His mercies are new every morning.  A time where we can be so filled and overflow with such water that the world around us cannot help but be changed.

Are you with me?





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