A Rash Thought

September 16, 2014


Some things go the way you plan for them to go, and some land you back in the pediatrician’s office for the fourth time in the past two months, which, when paired with the three ER visits in the same time, is a new World Record for the Robison. If we keep up this pace, we’ll end up with Pediatric Groupie badges.

The littles stayed home from school yesterday while Brent recovered from his Sunday afternoon health scare and the others rested so that I could keep an eye on them.  This morning, Mariana and Blake seemed fine enough to go about their regularly scheduled program, which unfortunately for them meant no more Kung Fu PandaPound PuppiesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Dog with a Blog.  (It is possible that at least 35 of my brain cells have remained intact in spite of all that, but it’s by no means certain.)

Brent, on the other hand, wasn’t going anywhere; one look at him showed that there was no way he’d even last an hour at school.  He headed straight to the couch after a stop in the kitchen for some medicine.  So we stayed home to continue his recovery.  Before long, he was begging me to take him to his pediatrician because he had a systemic itchy rash.

Mother of the Year over here had seen evidence of the rash the last two nights but my solution was, “Here!  Have some Benadryl and get some sleep!  You’ll do great!  Sleep is all you need!”  By mid-morning today, though, Brent was itching so badly that he could hardly think of (or do) anything else.

On our way to take Blake somewhere, a desperate plea came from the back seat, “Mama!  Call Dr. Straughn and take me to see him right now!!!”

Well, yes, Sir.

We ended up back at Dr. Straughn’s office.  I joked with Dr. Straughn that the real reason we were there was that I was going to apply for a job and I needed to keep coming back so that I could see how things really worked there. So embarrassing.

Turns out that the rash is just the next part of the virus that took Brent down on Sunday, and with some new medicines, he’ll be as good as new in just a few days.

As we left, I told Dr. Straughn that we didn’t plan to see him again for at least six months … which means, at the rate we’ve been going, we’ll be there again by week’s end.  Possibly tomorrow.


We’re like that in our lives and especially in our spiritual walk.  We have things all planned out and think that after one day of down time, or maybe one day of great spiritual insights and prayer and Bible reading, everything is supposed to be perfectly fine!  We’re supposed to have spontaneous right thoughts! and happiness! and all things good! and no more money concerns! and no more health concerns! and no more heavy thoughts! and no more difficulties! Just perpetual butterflies and unicorns and acres of perfect landscaping!

But nowhere in Scripture does it say that; nowhere does it promise such a life … no matter what the so-called Prosperity Gospel types like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer have to say.


Sunday was scary for our family; I won’t downplay it.  But Brent is now recovering beautifully, and he’ll be back at school tomorrow right alongside his brother and sister.

We are all painfully aware, though, that not everything in this life goes that smoothly.  Friends still betray us. We still disappoint others. Folks still get sick. Mommies and Daddies still go away. Health still fails. Hearts still hurt. Bank accounts remain depleted.

There’s what the world tells you you should expect when you are healing, and then there’s what God says. Jesus never once, in all the stories of His healing, said, “I’d like to heal you, but I need you to know that once I’ve extended My healing, that’s all I have to offer you. So get over whatever’s bugging you because with Me, it’s one and done.”  That’s so unlike anything about our Lord that it’s laughable.

God does not abandon us in our suffering.  God does not expect us to have ‘one good cry’ and then be over everything just because we claim His Son as our Lord and Savior.  He doesn’t expect us to be pleased with everyone and everything around us – or within ourselves – just because we have His Holy Spirit.  He knows that some things take longer than others.  He knows that some things work out different from what we plan.

He knows that.  Do you?



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