89 Days of Greatness: Days #20 & 21

June 13, 2014






Days #20 and 21 of 89 Days of Greatness.  Between yesterday and today, I pick today.  But of course, that’s not comparing apples to apples; it’s comparing apples to, say, strychnine

Yesterday, we were a little off.  And by ‘off,’ I mean that we were in a galaxy far, far away from the one where we wanted to be.  (This is especially bad if, like me, you are not well-versed in All Things Trekkie.)  Most of the day, my spirit felt like – and the littles’ behavior looked like – the mess in the next three pictures.






Perhaps not coincidentally, those are pictures from some of our kitchen counters from yesterday.  Nice of the clutter to do an impromptu Still Life That Represents All Internal Chaos I Felt for the Majority of the Day.  It should probably be in a museum somewhere.

When I finally got the littles to bed and fed all our pets (Brian was at a meeting), it was an hour past their bedtime, and I was s.p.e.n.t.  Parenting is chock-full of rewards, but of course it has its challenges; and yesterday I felt like Wile E. Coyote right after he got flattened by the gigantic wheel of a steamroller and his body eventually peels off the wheel like bad paint … right before he stands up and gets smashed by an ACME truck.

The best parts about yesterday?  Remembering that not every day is like the worst parts of a bad cartoon.  Choosing to focus on blessings.  Watching the littles make ‘thank you’ cards for their VBS teachers.





And letting the always-needed, oft-repeated truth of my desperate need for a Savior sink once again into my soul.  Remembering that and spending time in Scripture at the end of a ‘let’s-not-repeat-this-day-any-time-soon’ kind of day was worth the yick.  And, as is always the case, the next day is a new day, a fresh start, a clean slate.  Amen to that.  I have been drinking that in.

So today, on this Day #21 of our 89 Days of Greatness, we rocked it out.  It was the littles’ last day of VBS, which culminated in a fun, upbeat, wonderful chapel service, complete with more than 400 kids and around 100 volunteers plus music plus a slideshow plus smiles upon smiles …






… and one serious face working to figure everything out.


I picked up all the littles in their classrooms, snapped pictures of them with at least one teacher from each child’s room, and went with the kids to where I had led chapel for the 2s and 3s.







They played and helped, helped and played, and I thought with deep gratitude how grateful I was that one day (yesterday) does not have to define the next (today).  I thought of how God is never really through with us on this side of Heaven and of how grace and mercy and redemption are some of the greatest gifts we receive daily from Him; I thought of my dependence not only on them but also on Him, on His Son, on His Holy Spirit.

And I smiled.  Yes, how I smiled.

(By the way – see that d.a.r.l.i.n.g. little boy in the picture below?  His name is Mac, and he was in my chapel this week.  He’s serious in this picture, but in person his smile could melt an iceberg.  Total wipeout.)



Once we had all our gear crammed into the car, we headed for home for an Impromptu  Cousin Play Date of Awesomeness.  Three of the approximately 497 cousins in our family came over to swim and play and generally hang out, and it was stunning how thoroughly the greatness of today stood in place of what was, uh, the not-so-stellar of yesterday.

At least for our crew, water plays a big role in that.





Evidently, so do hula hoops.





I certainly wasn’t going to interrupt the fun these sweet little chickens were having to introduce an official Day of Greatness activity …


… and judging by the looks on their faces and the squeals of delight as they swam and played …



… they didn’t need me to, anyway.  Yes, this is one for the record books.  And I don’t mean an old case of 33″ LPs.






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