89 Days of Greatness: Day #40

July 2, 2014




89 days of greatness

Day #40 of 89 Days of Greatness.  I’m protesting.  There is no way that we can be that close to the half-way point of summer.  Denial will be my official summer companion from now until the first day of school.

Brent would say that the day of greatness activity today was his outing with some buddies from church and a couple of the youth leaders there to Legoland.  (Not the one in San Diego – that’d be a bit far for the afternoon – but the one in Grapevine, which is a suburb of Dallas.)  He was so excited upon his return – the two pictures below are from a hand-jive game that Mariana and Blake did while we waited for Brent to get back – that I couldn’t even get him to be still enough for a picture.  It was staggering.



Mariana and Blake would say that today’s day of greatness activity was the long swim they had while Brent was away using a Lego gun to shoot a Lego princess out of a Lego cage.

But Brian and I would say that the true Day of Greatness activity today was our after-dinner family bike ride / dog walk.  It wouldn’t normally warrant the title of Day of Greatness activity (even though we are so incredibly fond of these) because they’re not all that unusual for our crew.

But this one had a special element that had us all cheering as a family, focusing on how good it feels to be a team, to invest in each other.

It started off pretty typically with the boys riding their bikes so far ahead and so fast that they were but mere specks in the blocks ahead of us, doubling back only so that they wouldn’t have to quit riding while they waited for Brian, Mariana, the dogs, and me to catch up.



Brian, Mariana, the dogs, and I walked along enjoying our stroll, talking about whatever Little Miss Investigative Journalist wanted to ask us about.


And then as we were a little more than half-way through our walk, headed back home, Blake decided he was done riding for the night.  Mariana offered to walk his bike back home for him because he wanted to walk Buster the rest of the way home.

She started walking the bike the way you would if you were just about to start riding it, which was exciting beyond measure because one of the only things Mariana has not yet learned how to do that she desperately wants to learn how to do that pretty much all her other kids know how to do … is ride a bike without training wheels.  She is so. very. close … but just not quite there yet.  She’s going into third grade, and she desperately wants to learn how to make it happen before she starts back at school.


We added loads of time onto our walk to slow down, focus on what Mariana was working to accomplish, cheer her on, be her support system, watch her smile and giggle and get wide-eyed over how close she was to accomplishing her goal.

Soooo …… if you want to see what it looks like when a really adorable, sweet, determined, persistent, cheerful eight-year-old girl gets really close to learning (finally!) how to ride a bike without training wheels, then watch here and here and here.  Soak it up … because the next time I post a video of Mariana on a bike, it will be when she has officially learned.  And my guess?  It’ll be before the French celebrate Bastille Day.

Our shouts of celebration will make it around the globe, and the proud smile I know she’ll be wearing will power various small nations.  Greatness.  Absolute greatness.


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