89 Days of Greatness: Day #23

June 15, 2014


Day #23 of 89 Days of Greatness.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and if so, these pictures begin to tell about the greatness of today.

Greatness is loving a daddy enough to want to do a special surprise for him.

Greatness is turning our kitchen into ‘Cafe Mimosa’ – or was it ‘Mimosa Cafe?! – with fresh food and the littles helping with the surprise while Brian read the paper for an hour.


Greatness is a five-year-old boy pretending to be a wine steward, offering a Coke from McDonald’s as Daddy’s ‘wine.’




Greatness is a seven-year-old boy making fruit kebobs … on toothpicks … for our Father’s Day Cafe Mimosa Lunch.


Greatness is an eight-year-old girl putting on an apron, writing out the menu to offer our guest of honor, and practicing which accent she would use.  (Yes, she does have a complete head, and no I did not take a picture of her in which I left half her head out of the frame.  Blame it all on picture re-sizing that comes with blogging.  Or maybe blame it on my technological ineptitude; yes, that sounds familiar.)



Greatness are hand-made signs in the breakfast room window to heighten the cafe feel.  Two of them said ‘Welcome to Cafe Mimosa’; the third said ‘LeBron James Ate Here.’  (Putting that on a sign in our kitchen to get a laugh out of Brian is – officially – a sign of true love.)



Greatness is a marvelous spread of fresh, homemade food to enjoy as we celebrated Father’s Day.

And greatness is the ability to look past the utter dichotomy between how the entire lunch – from the food to the presentation of that food to the conversation to the (not-really-all-that-) set table – looked in my mind and how it looked in reality.



Greatness is being married to a man I consider to be ‘Father of the Year’ … and his being willing to wear a neck sign to bear witness to that … while he ate and while he helped with the dishes after lunch.  (Would have loved to give him a pass on Kitchen Duty with the littles and me, but he wanted that cookie cake I was planning to make, which meant I needed help cleaning out The Zone.)



Later in the day, Brian and I introduced the littles to the absolute greatness of Singin’ In the Rain, and they loved it.  Such a classic.  The characters Lina Lamont and Cosmo Brown are absolute gems.

Greatness was their pool time after that, right before we headed over to Gramma and Big Daddy’s house for a little family Father’s Day celebration with cousins and other family who are also great friends.



Greatness is my mom’s deviled eggs.  I might or might not have eaten six halves.  That might or might not have ultimately felt good to my body.  (But boy were my tastebuds doing the happy dance!)



Greatness is a life well lived with a remarkable Daddy who is a great example of selfless love and optimism and remarkable humor and humility.  (And he liked the new painting we gave him along with his other gifts.  Yay!)



Greatness is a five-year-old jammin’ with his uncle Scott on an air guitar, which is technically a badminton racket.





Greatness is being married to the man I love more than any other man in the world, the father of our children, the one who makes me laugh, the one who is kind and entertaining, the one who plays baseball in the yard and games in the house, the one who works so hard and provides so very well for us, the one who will get a sweeter, richer, deeper love and admiration letter about how glad I am to do this whole parenting thing with him and how I love him with all my heart when I am not (literally!) falling asleep at the computer.

(And there’d also be more in here about my amazing dad and my grandfathers and dads worth admiring and dads worth praying for and over and above all of them – our Heavenly Father who was and is and is to come and who sets the bar for how fathers would be.  But sleep beckons, and since I need to operate heavy machinery tomorrow, I suppose I should answer that call … )

I am so proud to be your wife, Brian, and so happy to be the mama of your littles.  Happy, happy Father’s Day.  I love you with all I am and all I have.

To all of you – Godspeed.




I know this is a different sort of 89 Days of Greatness post, and we’ll be back to the more typical ones tomorrow.  For now, though, we focus on the


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