89 Days of Greatness: Day #19

June 11, 2014



Day #19 of 89 Days of Greatness.  It was a Multi-tasker’s Dream Event:  do something physically challenging in the gross-motor skill arena while doing something requiring finesse in the fine-motor skill arena while doing something verbal.


I wrote five instructions to fold up and put in each of three jars:  one for the gross motor challenge, one for the fine motor, and one for the verbal.  The idea was not that the instructions would be extraordinarily difficult; it was that I could imagine that any combination of three would be enough of a challenge to make it entertaining and a springboard for laughter.  (In those terms, it was a total success.)

The littles helped me gather the supplies even though they had no idea what they were for:  three hats, an empty drink can, a spoon, and a book.



Brent went first.



His job?  Jump three times while balancing a book on his arm and singing “God Bless America.”  It was sheer genius … once he figured out that he could balance the book better if he opened it up and laid it – open – on his arm.  (Before that, it was “stupid” … and “it can’t be done.”  Then there was the oh-so-common “Oh.”  That usually comes after I’ve nudged him in the direction of finding another way.  Surely we are not alone in this oft-repeated scenario.)

He giggled and we all cheered when he pulled it off.  Then the others couldn’t wait for their turn.



Blake drew for his challenge next:  wear three hats on your head, turn in a circle three times, and moo like a cow.  (You could practically not hear the moos for all his laughing.)





Mariana drew last:  raise both arms in the air, balance a can on your knee, and sing the alphabet song.  Pure genius.



The kept drawing and kept proving they could conquer the challenges, even when one of my friends surprised us with a quick visit.  They were immediately drunk on the ‘we have an audience besides Mama’ reality.  It’s amazing Jennifer ever actually made it out the door.


Soon enough, we were in the back yard after our day of greatness activity so that the littles could enjoy 23 minutes (literally!) of water time before we headed back to church for the mid-week VBS picnic.  On Monday, the lesson for the kids was that God’s love is giving, and as I sat out back as the lifeguard for the littles’ short-lived water excursion – I don’t get in if we’re soon going out because there is No Chance I’m messing with the hair and make-up twice in one day, I thought about how well I must have learned the lesson on giving, considering how I was letting the battalion of mosquitoes that swarmed all around me feast on my flesh for their Mess Hall Meal Of the Day.  By the time they were done, I had ‘given’ them so much of my blood that my legs looked like a topographical map of the Rockies.

We met Brian for a quick dinner and then went for the mid-week VBS family party, complete with a mini-magic show (see the enthralled children in the pictures below) and generally fabulous run-around time with friends.  Since there was a balloon man there who made very convincing – though they be rubber – pirate swords, we hardly saw the boys.  They were perfectly content to stand in line, waiting for the next awesome balloon creation, like say, a jet pack … or a replica of a 747 … or a functioning submarine, complete with living quarters.  In the end, they had to settle for the swords.  The (balloon) sword fights were legendary.  Surely even Blackbeard himself would have been shaking in his (stolen) boots …









And since Mariana’s friend Hannah was there, we hardly saw her.  Somehow, they weren’t quite as obsessed with the sword-fighting …



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