89 Days of Greatness: Day #13

June 5, 2014





Day #13 of 89 Days of Greatness.  Let me first say that we are hosting an event for twenty folks from Brian’s work tonight.  Let me next say that, as clean as we work to keep our house, it doesn’t exactly live company-ready.  If Southern Living or Traditional Home or even Ray’s Spare Auto Parts Guide magazine wanted to photograph our house, we’d welcome them to come.  With 139 days’ notice for us to get everything clean enough.  There might be just a few more things for me to do before our guests descend upon us in two and a half hours.  Just a few.

So when I was thinking about what today’s greatness activity would be – and I did want it to be pretty awesome since the littles had gone with me on three hours’ worth of errands to get ready for this party – I knew it had to be fantastic and quick and easy to clean up.  Bonus was that we had all the supplies on hand for the greatness activity that came into my brain, which upped the convenience factor and the free factor and the more-likely-actually-to-do-it factor.

Our greatness activity for today?  A joint forces mosaic art project.  By the time it was done, we’d decided that this served as a practice run for similar projects that would be gifts in the future for los grandparentos.

We had a blank 9×12 canvas in my office along with mosaic tile adhesive and approximately 892 mosaic tile pieces to use as supplies.  And since I stayed up late last night to reclaim my office (all in the name of party prep!), you can now see the floor and actual make it to the cabinets where the supplies are.  It’s really a novel way to live.

I’m sure it won’t last.

The littles chose what the picture on the canvas would look like in terms of color and line, and sketched it out with a pencil.  (I’d show you a picture of that, but the camera was on the wrong setting while I took those pictures.  That sort of thing makes me feel sooooooo smart.)

The kids settled on a landscape that has the sun, blue sky, some clouds, some flowers, and some grass.  And while I usually let the Day of Greatness Activity O’ the Day last as long as it lasts, today was Drill Sergeant Day of Greatness Activity Day:  I told the littles that they had exactly 30 minutes to create their joint masterpiece.



Tile adhesive is the best glue for mosaic projects, and you spread it on with the little wooden tongue depressors you get from the craft store.  When you spread it, you make it like a smooth, thin layer of icing, and for best results, you only put adhesive on the part you’ll be working on within the next couple of minutes.  Otherwise, the glue will dry out and be of no use.




The littles made quick work of it, and in the end they decided to hang it – some time after tonight’s party because we won’t be adding other responsibilities to the day since there are still plants to pot out back and desserts to make and messes to clean before tonight’s party, thank you very much – in the game room.  It will look nice up there.

At least until the Ray’s Spare Auto Parts Guide magazine people come to film our house.  They might think it should spruce up the garage.  I’ll fight them on that.





If you’re new to ittybittybucket or to our 89 Days of Greatness, welcome!  The site is still evolving – much like my organizational skills and hairstyle – and you’re welcome to check out all of it.   (The site, that is.  I doubt you’re interested in my organizational skills or my hairstyles.  On most days, I’m not, either.)

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