Days of Greatness: July 4th Weekend at the Lake (a.k.a. Bliss)

July 9, 2014

Days of Greatness.  What numbers are these?  I have absolutely no idea.  All I know is that the only number we were focused on around here was the 4th. We loaded into the car.  Two adults, three kids, two (large) dogs, and enough food and luggage for a small army to survive for up to six months in the outback.  (The open land, not the restaurant.)   Two and a half hours after loading up, we arrived at one of our happy places.  With the Texas drought in full force and some secondary water problems caused by it, the lake where my family...

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89 Days of Greatness: Day #41

July 3, 2014

Day #41 of 89 Days of Greatness.  An individual medley race and a surprise swim. The littles had no idea what we were doing.  We were in between activities / appointments and had only about 45-50 minutes to spare.  I told them that we were doing our day of greatness activity and they had one job:  go find something that (a) weighs more than a pair of their shoes (b) less than our tub of cat food. You can imagine the twinkle and questions in their eyes as they thought of what they might get.  I could practically see the wheels turning as...

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89 Days of Greatness: Day #40

July 2, 2014

      Day #40 of 89 Days of Greatness.  I'm protesting.  There is no way that we can be that close to the half-way point of summer.  Denial will be my official summer companion from now until the first day of school. Brent would say that the day of greatness activity today was his outing with some buddies from church and a couple of the youth leaders there to Legoland.  (Not the one in San Diego - that'd be a bit far for the afternoon - but the one in Grapevine, which is a suburb of Dallas.)  He was so excited upon his...

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