She Got It

April 7, 2014

She sat there and didn't say a word.  And she's one of my heroes.  (My brothers would interject here that if she could inspire me to follow suit and not to talk, then she'd be one of their heroes, too.  Hardy har har.) This hero's story is found in the gospel of Luke, chapter 7, verses 36-39.  A Pharisee had invited Jesus to dinner; whether it was to learn from Him or to try to trap Him, we don't know.  But there was "a woman in the city who was a sinner," (verse 37a) who, upon learning that Jesus was at...

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Yo’ Mama Don’t Do Drama

April 1, 2014

Dear, sweet children of mine, I think you are amazing.  For reasons I will never fully comprehend, God Almighty thought it fit for Daddy and me to get the great privilege of being your parents, and I am grateful to Him for that every single day. I do my best to show you that in ways that you see … kisses hugs the food I fix you the clothes I provide the chauffeuring I do to and from school and parties and all your activities the helping with the homework the choosing to play with you instead of doing all the work there is to do and so, so much...

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