Grow Deep

September 9, 2015









My precious littles,

The pictures don’t lie: You’re growing up. I see it. Your bodies are growing, yes, but so are your minds, your spirits, your personalities.

Sometimes my heart pulls on me a bit when I see how much you’ve grown. Sometimes that pulling even comes out my eyes. I know y’all growing is an inevitable part of you getting older, and I’m so, so proud of the individuals you are and that you are becoming.

But do you know what kind of growing I really want for you littles?

The part that is not a given – you have to work at it – but it is so. much. richer. than just the growing older and growing up.

I want you to grow deep.

Growing deep means digging in and sticking around and planting your feet in the soil where God has put you so that you are part of something that lasts and establishes roots – in each other, in friendships, in other relationships, in God – in a world that is focused on the fast and the flighty.

Growing deep means you look past the immediate and into the hearts and the spirits of the people around you so that you can love them past the moment they are in.

Growing deep means putting roots down so well and watering and feeding them with such care that they reach the wellspring of joy that comes from the deepest, purest water – Water?! – that runs below the surface of what most of the world knows. (And I’ll give you a hint: that capital ‘W’ Water is the key to everything.)

Growing deep means relationships that put the other person first. It’s the only way to stand up for each other and to look out for those among you who need to be protected, shielded, loved, maybe even made to laugh because this life can be taken too seriously and maybe just maybe what everyone needs is to exhale and have a really good chuckle.

Growing deep means becoming and being comfortable in the person God made you to be and throwing away the comparison stick because if the God of the universe had intended you to be someone else, He would have made you that someone. What He needs is for you to be the you He made who depends entirely on Him and who lives for His glory.

Growing deep will take you so much farther than you could ever dream. Do you know why? It’s how God designed each of us to live. So. few. people. grow and live deep. Be different for the sake of being deep.

So precious littles, grow up, yes. Grow up in every possible way – not too fast, mind you. But always remember that the very best way to grow is to grow deep.

I love you deep and always.







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